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Medical Doctor, Blogger (, AI Researcher

I am a medical doctor (Family Medicine resident) in the United States, the co-founder of Lipid Nanotechnologies, LLC, a research fellow at LUMEN A.I. division, and a co-author of several publications. I am also the founder of the AIM blog, where our goal is to leverage inspiration and motivation to get the gears turning towards real, sustainable change.

I love educating and discussing topics relevant to the life sciences, biotechnology, drug discovery, and personalized medicine industries. I have an unbridled passion for the field of artificial intelligence and its emerging impact on healthcare.

Here are some of my featured articles:

How stress manipulates the trillions of tiny microorganisms we carry in our gut.


Stress Is a Killer, Literally

Before COVID-19 descended upon us, stress was named the health epidemic of the 21st century. Stress is responsible for about 90% of all illnesses and diseases. Manifesting through our body’s response to anything we perceive as overwhelming, it can be a reaction to things we can’t control, like certain of our surroundings or circumstances.

However, there is one major ingredient of stress that we can control: our food intake.

Our body’s innate reaction to stress creates extra energy in order to protect our vital organs and crucial biochemical activities. …

How Covid-19 and its treatments create a breeding ground for black fungus infection.

indian man with oxygen mask
indian man with oxygen mask
Source: thalabhula/depositphotos

Black Fungus Infection, India’s New Pandemic

“The black fungus infection has now become more challenging than Covid-19,” says Dr. VP Pandley, head of Maharaja Yeshwantrao Hospital. “If patients are not treated in time and properly, then the mortality rate can go up to 94%.”

India’s second surge of Covid-19 resulted in an increase of recorded new cases from around 11,000 per day in February 2021 to over 315,000 in April 2021 — a pandemic world record for a 24-hour period. Overall, India reports over 27 million cases and over 311,000 deaths and still counting. The region is the new epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covid-19’s disease…

What one unforgettable patient taught me about life’s meaning.


82 Years Young and More Fulfilled Than Ever

It was the end of a long and trying day in clinic. I’m a family medicine resident, so my patient list is full — I glanced at the chart. Last one. 82-year-old female in for a routine checkup. I’d finally get to go home after seeing her.

Then there’d be notes to write. Then studying. Maybe an hour to decompress and zone out to some Netflix before bed. Then I’d be back in clinic all over again tomorrow.

I sighed.

After I knocked and entered the room, I was greeted by the healthiest 82-year-old I had ever seen. Perched on…

Excellent post, Dr. Yildiz. IBM Watson, in my opinion is an icon, and ironically a symbol for the advancement of technology. Perhaps maybe some day IBM Watson will die, but it's name will remain the symbol for one of the first and most advanced processors/AI to hit the ground. In 10 thousand years, I anticipate IBM watson to be a culture, legacy, and movement more than a super computer.

Beautifully written, my friend. I'd love to be part of that exclusive group you are in. Sounds like a meeting of the minds with some incredible thought leaders.

Chatbots: Technology that Cares


Delivering proper care to those with mental health needs has always been a challenge.

In 2019, the WHO reported that depression affects over 264 million people, and almost 800,000 die by suicide each year. Additionally, they state that psychological illnesses are the leading global cause of disability as they make up over 10% of the global burden of disease and 30% of non-fatal disease burden.

It is estimated that about 26% of American adults have a diagnosable mental disorder.

These illnesses manifest in different ways and can affect people of all ages, races, and genders. One common challenge among those…

GeroProtect’s new product and what it means for stem cell health and function

Stem cells are groups of specialized human cells that can develop into different types. Thus, they are the precursors from which other cells in the body originate.

Stem cells are crucial to human development, and conditions like congenital disabilities and cancer are products of their improper division and differentiation.

South African COVID-19 Variant Elicits Weakened Response From Pfizer Vaccine

Since viral particles frequently mutate, treating viral infections like COVID-19 is no simple task. Mutations can produce new variants that are more dangerous and, sometimes, can even render existing vaccines useless.

Viral mutations arise from random copying errors that alter the virus’s surface proteins or antigens. Antigens serve as markers for identification and also play an important role in vaccine development.

A new COVID-19 variant found in South Africa is one such example of this, and it looks like the Pfizer vaccine is significantly less effective against it.

Vaccine testing
Vaccine testing
Source: Chai2523/

Viruses mutate over time, and since the start of this pandemic, we…

Wow. Eye-opening article. Thank you for sharing!

It's amazing to think that monetization potential is so quickly and profoundly shifting in the creator's favor, which is how it should be. Sure, platform developers and promotors will get their share. So cool though that it will be in conjunction with the creator rather than at their expense.

Now to go further down the rabbit hole with your other articles (and possibly your free course)...

Peace be with your mother and your family.

Great article. I want to further your point on the Hippocratic oath. I don't think we look at the Hippocratic oath as often as we look at our core medical ethics principles. Doctors have to change with the times and circumstances, and the Hippocratic oath is the foundation for the principles we learn. We actively have to understand, apply, and get tested on the following medical ethics principles: Autonomy, Beneficence, Nonmaleficence, & Justice.

If you look these up, you will find "Do-no-harm" is in there too.

Coordinating care and research aligned with…

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